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When you buy FileSnatch Forms, you should receive an e-mail with a link to download the app. Our e-commerce partner sends the e-mail. Check the inbox of the e-mail address that you submitted when filling out your billing information. If it is not there, it might have been collected by your e-mail’s spam folder. Check there second.
For FileSnatch Forms, you can for your last run. The default folder is set for your documents folder, under the folder Documents/filesnatch/xml folder. The file is probably named Debug.Log.

For FileSnatch, the folder can be found using the top right menu, under the "Log File" item. You can set the folder there as well.
As of right now, just ads. However, in the future, some features may be added to the paid version to suit an advanced user's needs.
Unmark the checkbox "Move Files (No Copy)?" and this will not change any of your original files or directories. This will just create extra files. FileSnatch won't delete files. At worst, it will just move them.
The former deals with the originating folders, while the latter (radio buttons) deals with the destination folder(s).

The radio buttons tell the program what to do when it reaches an issue in a destination folder (e.g. if I find the same file, I can skip doing any action).

The check boxes will affect what happens to the original files. In this case, that check box will either move the files to the new folder(s) or copy them and leaving the original files in their place.
First look at the rest of the Q&A. If nothing is here, feel free to use our contact form.

For FileSnatch Forms, save your search criteria. Then send us your xml folder, or the files within it (DeBug.Log and SavedInfo.xml). These can be found in your Documents/filesnatch/xml folder. Send these to digitaltumult@gmail.com. We will try to fix these problems as quick as we can and put them in the next update. Please relay your problem in the e-mail as well.

For FileSnatch, send us your latest log file and any error message that you may have received. Please relay your problem in the e-mail as well.
Currently, they are very similar. FileSnatch is being developed with different technologies that will allow us to do more as we go. FileSnatch Forms will not auto-update as there are no future versions planned as of right now.