End User License Agreement (EULA) and Disclaimer

  • January 29, 2020
  •  Copyright (C) Jan-20
  • Digital Tumult
  • P.O. 4166, Carmel, IN 46082

We ask that you run a virus checker on all of our work.  We never intentionally put malicious software on our software and files, but we may post them on a public site.  Hence, there are many unethical people wasting their time and others by infiltrating the works of others.

The following terms are defined:

  • We/us – the licensor
  • You – the licensee
  • Program – any digital file that contributes to the aggregate and/or composite working executable or gaming experience.
  • Work – any creative piece completed by Digital Tumult

The following rules apply to this work and programs:

  1. Digital Tumult holds the original rights to all of the work.  You are licensed this version and not given the version.  Hence, copyrights are all retained by Digital Tumult.
  2. You are allowed to use this software in its entirety.  You may download it and put it on any computer that you own.
  3. You may not sell, lease, sub lease or derive any types of funds from these programs. 
  4. You may not amend, rewrite or redistribute this work.
  5. You may not claim this download as your own.
  6. There is no warranty with free of charge programs.   These programs are sold “as is” and thus holds no responsibility for defective issues or “repairs.”
  7. This program may write and delete files from your computer.  Please use as intended.  Modifying for personal use is done at your own risk.

The security of your device is not controlled by our company.  We will not be liable for any breaches that involve a third party’s misuse of your device.