Current Projects

FileSnatch Free

FileSnatch free has already been put out and then retracted.  Oh no!  We are having problems with the way MS is deploying it.  Unfortunately, you can’t debug MS tools.  So, we are fixing our practices to make our product work to MS (even the non-reported) standards.  We are hoping to have this out this year.

File Snatch Free

Quest for the Best Logo

Quest for the Best

This is a dalliance of our boss. When you own the company, you can do what you want, including making a game with your son. We support the making of it and will be putting it out in full form in 2022.


An offshoot casual game made for Kongregate. Almost ready for polish, we will go into testing in the Summer. We will update you with a link when we are ready to finish.

DtoG image
FileSnatch Box Image

FileSnatch Forms and Full

We are splitting FileSnatch into two pieces.  The current FileSnatch will evolve into FileSnatch Forms.  It will be the easy to use with a simple and nice looking interface.  This is available on the site right now.

FileSnatch Full will be the newer version made for the Microsoft Store.  It will have more features and capabilities built into it.  We will update you on this as we go.