Current Projects

FileSnatch (FS) Free

FileSnatch Free was put out and then retracted.  Oh no!  However, we now have multiple plans to fix it, including looking for advertisers. We should have this up and out the door by 2/23.

File Snatch Free

Quest for the Best Logo

Quest for the Best

This is a dalliance of our boss. When you own the company, you can do what you want, including making a game with your son. The creation of this game is documented in our Youtube Channel. This is an adventure full of surprises.


An offshoot casual game originally made for Kongregate. Unfortunately, the days of Kongregate are over. We have a working version of this game and our currently looking for a publisher.

DtoG image
FileSnatch Box Image

FileSnatch Forms and Full

We are splitting FileSnatch into two pieces.  The old FileSnatch evolved into FileSnatch Forms.  It is easy to use with a simple and nice looking interface.  FS Forms is available on the site right now.

FS Full is out and available for purchase on the Microsoft Store with the simple name of FileSnatch.  It is in beta-testing phase and we will mark it as complete sometime in Fall 2022. If you buy it before the end of beta, you could be chosen to be a tester and receive a $25 gift card. Reach out through the Contact page, if you are interested.