Legacy Products

This page is dedicated to products done in the past. Some are still useful, but most are used for example or training. Feel free to download and use any of the below:

Battle of the US screen shot

Battle for the US

This used to be our largest download, but times have changed and so have operating systems.  After Vista, pretty much the only way to play this one is to use in compatibility mode. 

It is based on the following theme:  After the economy collapses due to greed of companies and spoiled high and middle class individuals, it doesn’t take long for people to group themselves based on their nationalities.  All trying to find some superiority over the other in order to justify their greed and empowerment, war becomes the standard.  Pick which nationality that you would agree with, and try to retake the country under one leadership.

This game uses the Axis and Allies style of gameplay with the help of the TripleA game engine.  Multi-play is available.  Advanced directions come with the game.  Double-Click on the above downloadable installer file.  It will set the game up through your start menu.

Age of Wonders II Level

We made a level for a highly recommended TBS game.  This is used in our training this to explain to students the challenges and strategy ideas that shape a game experience.  

Click the above link and drop the files in the Scenario/Custom folder.

Age of Wonders 2 Screen shot
NWN Module Screen Shot

NeverWinter Nights Mod

Unfortunately not many people play NeverWinter Nights, but we are left with a game level that turned into a Mod.   Not as important in terms of game design anymore, but still used on occasion.  It’s still useful to understand how to weave quests into an overall arc.  Plus, people will download this still for fun. 

Here’s the theme:  New Casteb has been built around the remains of the original Casteb’s location.  Unfortunately, putting the new city on top of the old one doesn’t cover up all of the past.  What secrets lie in wait as you try to find out who’s the new villain in this twisted story? 

This works with the original NeverWinter Nights.   A level of at least 10 is suggested. Click the above link, unzip the two files and drop the files in the NWN/modules folder.